David Ryan


In my work I support illuminart to develop new projects in Western Sydney and regional NSW, drawing on my background in cultural projects, education and film making.

I place the stories of local people onto a larger, public canvas.  Through a process of creative collaboration I connect people – as players or as spectators – with professional multi media practitioners, engineers and technologists. I develop work with audiences – often outside the traditional gallery or performance space – at festival, events or public celebrations: Inviting engagement in surprising and inspirational ways.

I believe this process of public engagement not only supports our social ecology – in city and country areas – but that such work can help to maintain both human health and natural resources.

My work is interdisciplinary:  I use creative tools including video, performance, projection, gardening and mechatronics to innovate with audiences.  Working at the grassroots, I respond to the needs of the community on projects that have social and cultural impact.

In 2016, I produced Meet St Marys – a contemporary dance and projection installation at Coachmans Park: Spanning across generations and cultures of St Marys in western Sydney.

I collaborated with pre-school children, their carers and educators on I am a seed, Im a small, small seed, (2015, Penrith Regional Gallery). This tale of local food production was illustrated by story telling, song, drawing, ceramics and video projection.

I curated Solas (2012) a pedal-powered interactive light and audio installation:  It enabled the audience to generate critical thought around clean energy production.