ANZAC Projections in Parramatta NSW

To support the commemoration of ANZAC and to share local history in a new way, this animated graphic projection show will commemorate Parramatta’s ANZAC legacy. It will feature local heritage, stories of nurses, soldiers and veterans to illuminate a face of the St Johns church in the heart of Parramatta in the lead up to ANZAC day, 2016.

The projection will accompany other activities that commemorate and interpret Parramatta’s history, and is planned to run nightly to accompany a local story reading, illuminating the church face from sunset until 8:30 PM. It will also be projected early morning leading to the dawn service on ANZAC day.

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Thank you:

‘Capt Goodsell’ Photographer: Thomas James Rodoni  – University of Newcastle (Australia)

Other photographic images and art-work are presented courtesy of the Australian War Memorial and the Department of Defence.


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