Friday, 26 September 2014

A Who’s Who of illuminart

It’s been an exciting year for illuminart with several people joining the team in the past few months as the number and variety of our projects have proliferated.

Andy Petrusevics, an experienced visual artist and animator, will be working with us on Albanzac (as we are calling our Anzac Albany projects) and other new projects in development. Andy’s role as Director Illustration draws on his skills as an animator, digital storyteller and visual artist with experience in broadcast and the cultural sector.

Luke “Zero” Shaw has been appointed as Cindi’s apprentice / PA / trainee digital media artist and is working alongside and within the core team to support the more experienced artists. Zero, as he is affectionately known, is our Directors’ assistant and understudy.

Rowan Lee, an emerging interactive technologist, and Aaron Herczeg, an emerging lighting designer, are working with us on lighting and installation design projects while gaining skills and learning illuminart’s approach to professional collaborative production.

Other new team members include community artist extraordinaire, Bob Daly, who is our Associate Curator on the Port to Port project and community arts advisor for the Port Adelaide community, and Aden Beaver, an emerging digital artist who is working in a menteeship role in illustration.

Ian Lilburne, our business and production partner on Albanzac, has also been a major contributor and mentor.  Ian’s years of experience in events production and festival management as well as high-level participation on numerous WA based arts boards, are complemented by his own artistic and creative skills and passion for projection art and storytelling.

Then there is me, Tarla Kramer. I have been working on the illuminart website for six months now, and finally feel like I have my head around things. It has been a blessing to be able to use the skills I had and pick up some new ones.


Our team now looks like this:

Core team:

Cindi Drennan (company director) ― Director Illumination

Luku Kukuku (animator, visual artist, illustrator and programmer) ― Director Interactivity

Craig Laurendet (installation designer, programmer, and project manager) ― Director Installation

Ian Lilburne (business buddy, producer, freelance artistic director) ― Director Business

Andy P. (animator, visual artist, project developer) ― Director Illustration

Zero (mentee animator and support graphics) ― Directors’ Interagent


Support team:

Bob Daly ― Associate Curator (Port to Port)

Rowan Lee ― AV / electronics and general illuminart support in SA

Aaron Herczeg ― AV / electronics and general illuminart support in SA

Aden Beaver ― mentee digital media artist and illustrator

Steve Tilling – AV / technical support in SA

Samantha Ray ― (WA based) sound and music designer, writer, production assistant

Tarla Kramer ― (regional SA) writer / blogger and social media support

Trevor Collict ― (NSW) electronics and general illuminart support in NSW


Favourite Freelancers & Friendly Folk:

Michael Selge, Kaz Pedersen, Stu Nankivell, Levon Hudson, David Nerlich, Alister Ferguson, Greg McKee, Aaron Welch, Tim Willett and Andy Killcross. Then there are our regular collaborating visual artists Steve Glass and Penny Campton. Plus a good many helpers and volunteer crew including wonder women Michele Johnson, Molly Breuker, Emily Barraclough and many others who’ve donated time for the goodwill to all. Thank you!